Whether you’re looking to reduce your tobacco/nicotine pouch usage or are just looking for a smokeless CBD alternative, Voon hemp pouches could be the perfect solution for you. With each pouch pre-dosed with 20mg hemp extract and 15 pouches in a can, Voon is both THC and nicotine free.

For the Snus or Nicotine pouch Users

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to reduce your nicotine intake, but it’s been hard to kick that comfort of placing a pouch under your lip throughout the day. Habits are hard to kick, so let Voon help you with that. Consider replacing a few Snus or nicotine pouches here and there with a Voon hemp pouch and increase or decrease per your liking. Expect to feel a different effect as the components are obviously not the same, but the feeling of that pouch will be the same.

And no, Voon hemp pouches will not make you high as they are free from THC. Do however, anticipate other effects the hemp cannabinoids inside may have on you. We can’t tell you what these potential benefits can be as it varies from individual to individual, but mostly because we are not allowed to. But you can Google them! Hint – try taking some before sleeping or after a hard day or workout.

For the CBD/Hemp Users

If you’re already a CBD/hemp user, then you already know all about what such products offer you. So why Voon? Voon not only offers a smokeless alternative but can offer a much more effective absorption due to its pouch format. To elaborate, CBD/Hemp products such as oil and edibles must be ingested and processed by the stomach and liver, which metabolizes the cannabinoid molecules and reduces their concentration before they can reach the bloodstream. This naturally lower the effectiveness. A pouch form, however, allows direct absorption via the mucus membranes inside the mouth, resulting in much higher efficacy.

Voon has further enhanced the advantages of a pouch form by developing a nano-infusion technology which boosts the overall bioavailability even more. The result was an emulsified extract formula that enables a quicker release and uptake compared to other non-combustible hemp alternatives in the market.

The availability of the pouches in 4 yummy flavours of Snazzy Tangerine, Wintergreen, Cool Spearmint and Pink Grape don’t hurt either.