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What's Going On at Voon

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Voon White Hemp Pouches Review by CBD Sloth

CBD Sloth, an independent CBD review and knowledge platform, shares its latest review on Voon's slim white CBD hemp pouches. The review sheds light on pouch usage, what a Snus is, the CBD content and the 3 Voon flavours on hand.
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Snus Lovers’ Voon Review – The Best CBD Pouch ever!

Snus Lovers - a group of Snus enthusiasts based in Germany, recently tried and reviewed the newly launched slim white CBD hemp pouches from Voon.
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Café Magazine introduces Voon white Hemp pouches

With the tradition of Snus deeply rooted in Swedish culture, it is no wonder that Snus lovers are often very open to different options as long as they are in the in-mouth pouch format.
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