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Developed to optimize the release & absorption of Voon hemp pouches.

Water Soluble

To ensure the oil-based hemp extracts can be absorbed by the body, Voon had to develop a unique water-soluble formulation to allow for proper release and absorption when dissolving in saliva.

Nano Particles

By using a nano infusion technology, Voon further reduced the now water-soluble particles down to the nano scale – effectively enhancing the absorption when placed under the lip. What are Nano Particles?

Increased Bioavailability

As a pouch format taken under the lip, Voon can be absorbed via the oral mucosa into the bloodstream – boosting the bioavailability. or the portion that enters our circulation and can have an active effect.

Quick release and direct absorption into the body.

Compared to Voon – the uptake from edibles and oils, can be rather slow and may take up to 45 min to reach the systemic blood circulation with much lost along the way. Voon strives to offer the same absorption time as smoking, which is approximately less than 10 minutes.

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