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Question What is Hemp?
AnswerTo kick off these hemp facts, let’s define what it is first. Hemp refers to the non-drug variant of cannabis which is often used to produce fibers, biodegradable plastics, health foods, and more. Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing less than .2% or even 0% THC by dry-weight, depending on the regulation of the country in question.

Hemp has over 25,000 known applications — none of which get you high. Although hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants (cannabis sativa), they have very different functions and applications. The hemp plant is undoubtedly diverse, and the applications range from clothing, lotions, protein powders, milk, among various other essentials beneficial for day-to-day life! Basically, you can’t get high off hemp, but it can definitely be used for a significant number of household and personal items as well as offer a number of benefits that we can’t claim.

Question What are the differences between Hemp, CBD and Marijuana?
AnswerWithout the past legal concerns or regulation of CBD/hemp, hemp plants can contain as high as 25% CBD by dry weight. The THC was bred out of the hemp plant. Hemp also often has low terpene levels which are noted by the unique smells produced by cannabis. Terpenes are essential because these compounds modify and often amplify the benefits of cannabinoids by enabling the body to absorb better and utilize the cannabinoids.

There are also other beneficial cannabinoids that don’t produce the high that can be found in cannabis. The levels of CBG, CBDV, CBC, CBN can vary significantly in hemp because the plant has been grown without any concern to these compounds.

You have likely heard of the entourage effect or the idea that these compounds all work better in the presence of each other. Due to the legal regulations of the last 100 years, it is now difficult to find strains of cannabis grown specifically for the balance between the beneficial compounds. Proponents of cannabis as a medicine say it is best to source CBD from marijuana with regard to the entourage effect, but this is not always practical.

In our experience, it is tough to source cannabis that can provide the full spectrum of compounds. We also want to make our CBD available to everyone which means sourcing it from low-THC hemp. Some boutique farmers have quality cannabis with a diverse cannabinoid profile to meet our needs, but they are not large enough to meet the demand for industrial-scale production.

Hemp with a diverse cannabinoid profile and high terpene content proves even more difficult to source. However, times are changing. We have deep relationships with our farmers and as this industry is growing the hemp is evolving to have high terpene levels and more cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and others, making it overall a better product.

Product Specific

Question Are Voon hemp pouches lab tested?
AnswerYes. we insist on the highest standards for quality and provides comprehensive lab tests for each product batch to ensure consumers stay informed. For more information on lab tests, please visit our Lab Results page.
Question Will Voon make me feel high?
AnswerNo, our hemp products are made from hemp-derived CBD and are THC Free. Some people may be worried about using CBD/hemp because they assume there may be a chance of getting high due to the association with the cannabis plant. However, broad spectrum CBD/hemp extracts are not psychoactive and thus will not induce the “high” effect.
Question Where can I buy Voon hemp pouches in-store?
AnswerCheck out our Store Locator (coming soon) to find the physical store closest to you!
Question How do I become a reseller for Voon?
AnswerPlease Contact Us directly.

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