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A Chat with Voon CEO Frank Svandal

We sit down with Voon Innovation’s CEO Frank Svandal to get a deeper understanding of his Swedish roots, Snus background and what ultimately led him to the creation of Voon CBD pouches.
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Varför Voon använder Nanoteknologi i sitt Hampasnus.

Why does Voon utilize a uniquely developed nanotechnology for its CBD hemp pouches? A nanoparticle is an ultra-fine particle sized between 1 to 100 nanometers (nm) in diameter that are too small to be seen with the naked eye or conventional microscopes.
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Voon partners with eSportal with its white CBD hemp pouches

Voon Innovations has recently partnered with eSportal, a web-based competitive platform for major esport titles such as CS:GO, to offer its white CBD hemp pouches to (18+) competing players in the ladder. With pouch products such as Snus and nicotine pouches already popular amongst players, Voon's CBD pouches aim to provide an alternative for a calm and relaxed experience.
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