From the US to Europe, CBD (Cannabidiol) based products have become a widely accepted go-to alternative for many to address certain ailments. Traditionally available in a smokable form, CBD products have since been further incorporated into various other formats such as oil, edibles and topicals. It was only in recent years that the concept of in-mouth CBD pouches was introduced to the industry.

The innovation behind CBD in-mouth pouches

So how did in-mouth CBD pouches come about? The history of in-mouth pouches stems from the concept of Snus, which dates back as far as 18th century Sweden. At the time, Swedes were mixing tobacco leaves with salt and water to place between the upper lip and gums without the pouch exteriors, or better known as Snuff then. However, the application of Snuff was a bit messy at times, and thus naturally evolved into the more elegant pouch form of Snus. Thanks to its easy-to-use format, Snus has since become a popular smokeless alternative for nicotine and tobacco users, especially in Nordic countries.

Inspired by the idea of Snus but without the tobacco or nicotine, in-mouth CBD pouches offer a truly smokeless CBD alternative while providing high efficacy. For those who may be curious, here are 5 top reasons to give selected hemp CBD in-mouth pouch brands a try.

1. Water-Soluble Hemp CBD for Better Absorption

Aside from being a smokeless alternative, CBD pouches are normally made with water-soluble CBD in a dry and sometimes powdery form that is released in-mouth through its exterior pouch. Water-soluble CBD is generally known to provide a faster release and a higher absorption rate through buccal membranes compared to traditional forms of CBD such as oil. Administrating CBD via this route and avoiding the digestive pathway also augments efficacy.

2. Nanotechnology

According to scientific studies1, nanotechnology can improve the water solubility and oral bioavailability of particles as well as assisting them in passing barriers in the human body for a better delivery. Needless to say, applying nanotechnology to water-soluble CBD formulations of in-mouth CBD pouches further enhances its bioavailability and absorption rate.

3. 100% Free from THC, Nicotine and Tobacco

One of the key reasons of developing tobacco/nicotine free hemp CBD Snus is to offer a healthier alternative for Snus lovers. It is of course also important to ensure every pouch is legally THC-free without getting users high.

4. Vegan, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO ingredients

Understanding what we put inside our bodies has become a prerequisite for almost every consumer nowadays. It is therefore vital to ensure the CBD pouch product you are considering uses natural ingredients. Being vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO would be a plus.

5. Lab Tested by an independent 3rd party

To verify any claimed ingredient or THC/Nicotine/Tobacco content levels, the selected pouch brand should provide lab results tested by an independent third party. The relevant reports should then be updated regularly and shared transparently with consumers.

There are currently a handful of pouch brands available on the market, especially with such attractive potential benefits per the above top reasons to try them. However, not every in-mouth hemp CBD pouch is made the same.

Voon hemp CBD pouches – a smokeless alternative without changing your lifestyle

Voon offers hemp CBD pouches that incorporate nano-infused water-soluble CBD formulations for a quicker release and optimized absorption. In addition to being nicotine/tobacco free, every batch of Voon is tested for THC down to 40 parts per million to ensure the product is legally THC-free. Voon ingredients are also natural, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. All of this are tested and verified twice by a third-party lab partner, with lab reports readily accessible online for all consumers.

Inspired and innovated in Sweden much like its Snus ancestors, Voon pouches were developed to provide Snus lovers a tobacco/nicotine free alternative, but with CBD instead. Simply add to or replace your current Snus pouches with Voon CBD pouches per your liking with no need to change the Snus lifestyle.

While we cannot officially claim that Voon may be good for you due to regulatory restrictions, we encourage users to look up the potential benefits of CBD and also share with us their individual experiences and journeys. Voon CBD pouches are currently available in four delicious flavours of Pink Grape, Snazzy Tangerine, Wintergreen and Cool Spearmint.

1. Ndlovu, N. , Mayaya, T. , Muitire, C. , & Munyengwa, N. (2020). Nanotechnology applications in crop production and food systems. International Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science, 7(1), 624–634.