With the tradition of Snus deeply rooted in Swedish culture, it is no wonder that Snus lovers are often very open to different options as long as they are in the in-mouth pouch format. More specifically, many health conscious Snus consumers may be looking for tobacco / nicotine alternatives but have struggled to kick the now life long comforting habit of wedging in that little pouch in between the lips every few hours or so. So how about a tobacco/nicotine-free white hemp pouches that are THC-free, 100% Vegan and has no gluten and GMOs?

We are, of course, referring to our own Voon mini white and dry hemp pouches – which was just reported in one of Sweden’s most popular lifestyle blog/magazines Café. While this wasn’t the first article Café has published regarding a hemp/CBD pouch product, it’s a follow up to a slightly different pouch alternative that is dry, slim and provides more hemp per pouch. Even more interesting is the fact that Voon hemp pouches were inspired and innovated in Sweden and leverages a uniquely developed nano-technology (also Swedish!) that enhances the release and absorption of the hemp contents.

Read the full article in Swedish här. Or shop the Voon collection