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Introducing our zesty new flavour,
Orange Bubblegum!
Emboldened by the effervescent charm of Emilia, this whimsical blend combines the classic delight of bubblegum with a fresh burst of sunny orange.
Voon Emilia Can BubbleGum 3
Voon Emilia Can BubbleGum 1c
Prepare for a flavour experience where every pouch is an invitation to indulge in a playful medley of fun and freshness – a true celebration of life’s sparkling moments!

About Emilia

Who is Emilia Löf Karlsson?

Emilia Löf Karlsson is a meditation teacher and journalist dedicated to promoting wellness and self-empowerment. Starting her mindfulness journey at 15, she now travels Sweden, engaging with various groups to foster their inner strength. Her personal and professional life are deeply influenced by her sensitivity to others’ emotions, leading her to prioritize genuine self-expression and self-care.

Emilia has been an advocate for CBD for over a decade, appreciating its benefits on her mental clarity and creativity. Her collaboration with Voon, a trusted CBD brand, underscores her belief in natural remedies. Whether through workshops, retreats, or her daily routine, Emilia is committed to a balanced, mindful lifestyle that inspires others towards health and serenity.

A Special Gift

In this collaboration with Voon, Emilia has curated a meditation audio to be shared with Voon lovers via the below link / QR Code.

Emilia's Special Collection

Natural Hemp Pouches with 40mg of Nano-Infused Hemp per pouch.

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